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Spiritual gift

How to carry out the wishes through


1) Choose a desire in your heart

Practice only one wish at a time. May be related to the material, emotional, psychological or spiritual sphere.

Once you are clear about what it is, please write a word that describes it and create a mental image of it when achieved.

For example, if you have the desire to heal a relationship, write the person’s name and create the image or look at a picture in which joy or harmony flows between you.

If you have a health goal, the word is the body and the image is your body in perfect health.

If you have a spiritual goal as awareness you can write awareness and create the image of you already livingwealth in this state.

If you want more money, the word can be wealth and the image is of you doing what makes you joyful such as travelling or purchasing something that you like to get.

 2) Find the video

Go on You tube and find the video (you can do this even before you start).


3) Settle down

Put yourself in front of the computer on a chair with back to be supported.

Joyfield often manifests as energy waves that flow from Giulia’s heart and spread to the people who are in front of her, gently pushing them back, like the waves of the sea.

Put your hands on your knees with the palms facing up.

4) Breathing

Close your eyes and start doing some deep breaths.

Now breathe with the upper chest while holding the abdomen and diaphragm. Do it several times.

Then breathe with the abdomen several times and pay attention to what you perceive.

Finally, breathe several times both with the abdomen and with the upper part of the chest. Pay attention on how you feel now.

5) Viewing

Bring to mind the already made imagine of your desire and put it into a luminous transparent sphere.

Now bring this sphere at height of the heart and breathe into it for three times. Then move it on the 7th chakra, over your head and breathe here 3 times.

Now lets go of the ball as if it were a balloon that rises into the sky.

6) Start the video


Play the video then close your eyes and bring attention to your energetic body and to the sensations you perceive. The feelings are the most important, but also images or sounds, tastes or smells if they arise spontaneously.

CAUTION: Do not overlap other spiritual practices. You are in a receptive state, relaxed, waiting, as if expecting to receive a gift.

7) Be in the Field of Joy -Joyfield

Allow yourself to be in this State-Field for about 10 minutes or more and then slowly open your eyes and come back to the here and now. Thank for that gift.

8) Repeat

For each desire-goal this practice should be performed every day from a minimum of 3-6-9 days up to a maximum of 21 days.

9) Thank

Outside the full practice, if you want, sometimes during the day thanks the Universe or God for the gift received.

9) Keep a Diary

It would also be advisable to keep a diary of what you perceive day after day. Only brings attention to what you perceive without thinking about the targeted desire.

Every day, write in your journal this sentence: ” Everything I want is already inside me and now I welcome it with joy.”

In fact, your desires are already implemented in the 4th and 5th parallel dimensions, and they just need the right conditions to manifest in this 3rd.

Tunnel Autunno - Joyfield

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