Utopia or Precognition?


is born from the desire to put at mankind’s disposal a spiritual gift

thus realizing a dream:

create a grid of joy all around the earth and transform it into a

JoyNet - Planet Of Joy

If you ever have assisted to a concert you may know that a musician, when inspired, enhances its proper vibrating frequency and creates a morphic field which succeeds in involving the attendant audience and another million watching the concert in TV.

Hence, when lots of people will connect with the energy of Joy and enhance their vibrating frequency, their light will enwrap the planet and will create a morphic field that will involve everybody.

Do you think this is utopia?

A great many do not. Einstein, for example, asserts:

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

All is born from an idea

You, me, the earth, the universe, the cosmos.

Each idea has inside at a latent level, the energy to get realized. In order that an idea can break through it needs a matrix, a mother-father who welcomes, nourishes and expresses it.

Some ideas are revolutionary for the age they appear. Others are the instigator of a new tendency of thinking. Others, yet are the precursors of a change that will happen.

JoyNet is one of these ideas. A project of sharing, cooperation and voluntariness.

 Light JoyNet Earth

It’s time of Joy

It starts with yourself.

We all want Joy. This is a deep, intense and powerful wish. Why?

Joy together with Love and Peace is the primordial status of a Divine Being. Hence, ours.

We desire Joy because we remember it and are longing for it.

Often we content ourselves with replacements, but our interior push to look for the Joy instead of joy is huge.

Each time we enter in contact with the Joy, we feel reconnected with our divine part. We recognize It and we acknowledge ourselves in It. Consequently, each time we get in touch with the Field of Joy, we feel a little bit more whole, complete and divine.

When we connect consciously with It, the divinity in us becomes aware and replies to the call of the self.

Super Sunset

Due the cultural interferences we had to undergo, recognizing our divinity is quite difficult.

We need external help. This help is Joyfield, the spiritual gift. Dedicating ourselves only

15 minutes daily to the conscious connection to Joyfield, we strengthen the contact between the ego and the Self and allow our body of light to expand and have major space of expression.


The effects?

The frequency of Joy dissolves the suffering, emotions like fear -mother of all negative emotions- rage, frustration, depression. At the same time it activates all the frequencies of positive emotions: love for ourselves and the others, peace, quietness, happiness. It increases creativity and it becomes much easier to find positive solutions to various subjects, old negative situations are spontaneously resolved.

It improves relationships between couples, family members and interpersonal ones. We feel more affectionate and comprehensive.

After a while one is aware that the perception of ourselves, the others and the world becomes wider, the perspective is planetary, not anymore only individual.

The effects of Joyfield are cumulative and expand after each connection.

Mille Stelle

Furthermore it is good to know that the repeated connection with Joyfield stimulates to a great extent the pituitary gland to secrete the endorphins, also called the hormones of happiness. These are well known for the effects one can benefit: from a physical and mental well being to the sensation of optimism, cheerfulness and satisfaction. The endorphins help against sleeplessness, to diminish hunger, act as natural pain reliever, favor the concentration and the learning and play a strong role against depression.

Ipotalamo - Ipofisi


Joyfield also stimulates the epiphysis gland and the endogenous cannabinergic system which secretes anandamides (ananda in Sanskrit means joy, beatitude). These are connected to the perception of pleasure, joy, creativity, imagination and bear the possibility to expand the states of consciousness.

The most important realization of the connection with Joyfield is its effect on the heart as a spiritual organ. The heart field and Joyfield are as a matter of fact, the same. Our spiritual heart is indicated by the spiritual Masters as the center of our Being.

The stimulation produced by the connection with Joyfield leads to the activation of the field of joy, the heart field.

Actually, the waves that flash over from the joywoman’s heart, independent of space-time reach the heart of who is connected and through the morphic resonance their heart begins to vibrate and to open at an increasing degree. The research on the electromagnetic field of the heart reveals that who is entering in contact with a heart in a “psychophysical coherence” status, get on their part influenced.

JoyField Man

The witness reports of whom has been connected for a period of at least 21 days with Joyfield coincide: they sense a general feeling of well being, gain of vitality, feelings of joy or deep peace and, above all, the interruption of the inner dialogue. Once the inner dialogue is interrupted, one enters into a status of Being, Awareness or Presence.

It is a sensation of Wholeness, of Completion, of Home.

JoyNet - Antro di Luce

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