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A great spiritual teacher, Ramana Maharshi, as well as Buddha and many others, said about our personal identity:

You are what you think you are.”


This means that ideas-beliefs that we have about ourselves end up becoming our reality. No matter how we think about it, though small and insignificant, << I’m just a man>>, or resourceful and creative, << are a divine being who lives the human experience >>. What matters is that we become what we think we are.

But Ramana, did not stop at that. Even claimed that:

The world is as you think so.”

This means that the world “out there” does not exist independently of us, our existence and how we think.

As spiritual masters, many quantum physicists uphold similar theories although expressed with their own language. These physicists claim that the observer, the consciousness that we are, by his mere presence, change what you observed. Our thoughts literally shape the inner and external energy. Therefore, the world we live in is a collective construction shaped by thoughts of all human beings who live and have lived on this planet.

In essence, the spiritual and the scientific knowledge come to the same conclusion:

our thoughts, our ideas and beliefs determine our reality both individual and collective, the world.

The moment we become aware of the enormous power that we have and that we have so far used unknowingly with the consequences that we know, we can make a conscious choice and change our thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in.

If we want, we can do it.

First you have to choose. Each of us has to make his conscious choice.

Choose, or elect from the Latin: “ex-eligere” means identify andseizethe best partof a thing.

The decision therefore contains the implicit assumptions:

– That there are at least two possibilities of choice.

– That the alternatives from which to choose are already existing and available in this dimension, or are potentially in a virtual reality waiting to manifest, to materialize.

The moment we make a choice, we implement our creative power.

The choice of Joy

Stop for a moment and imagine a day spent from the perspective that “life is joy.”

Imagine that this is your reality now.

What thoughts would you have, what emotions and feelings?

Whatbehaviorsand what actionswould you do?

How would you feel about your body?

How would your relationships with others be?

How would you see your life?

What would become of your relationship with the Earth and the other realms?

The choice of Joy is an option that already exists between the handy possibilities.

This is not an unknown feeling because we have already experienced it, even if only occasionally.

A choice to live your life from the perspective of Joy, does not mean being blind nor utopian.

Initially you have to use a strategy of selective attention that we already use unconsciously.

For example, when we fall in love with a person, what kind of perception do we use?

It’s selective attention. We choose to give attention and consider only the positive aspects of the other person.

It’s not that we do not perceive other aspects which can later on drive us away from the same person. Simply, we decide that the positive aspects are what is good at that time.

Adopting this selection we feel happy, we are over the moon with joy.

This example allows us to understand how the selective perception works and how we can put it into practice about the choice of joyful living.

Changing perspectives and the perception of ourselves and others around us in terms of Joy, means changing the level of personal and collective identification.

We are divine beings, multidimensional sources of infinite creativity, which are making the experience of being human in this space-time dimension, as well as in many other dimensions simultaneously.

This level of identification is a harbinger of joy, light, love, peace, sense of freedom, creativity, sense of cooperation, the desire to share with others and with all that exists.

So if we look at ourselves and others to perceive this divine-human nature, the inner light and not just the humanity – the personality- after some time, this kind of choice becomes “normal”.

The difference lies in the knowledge and intent.

And while we change our personal world through Joy, graces to the morphic resonance, the higher individual frequency influence others.

JoyNet - Onde Concentriche Acqua


In fact, as also the theory of the morphogenetic field of R. Sheldrake, when a number of people have access to a specific skill or knowledge, this transforms all mankind.

Therefore, when a number of people begin to live from the perspective that life is Joy, this will enable it to other people, who are now deeply immersed in the field of suffering, to have a better model to refer to and adopt it.

You too can choose to get out of the field of suffering to finally enter into that of Joy, Love and Peace.

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