The beginning of a spiritual gift- Joygift

 The beginning of a spiritual gift


Joygift was born from an experience Giulia had in 2008. It was a day in May and she was listening to Vivaldi’s “La Primavera”. Slowly her relaxation state became meditation.

On her interior screen was released a column of energy apparently made of light and transparent fire irradiating sparks of Joy all around. After a while from the column she saw appearing a sphere similar to a hologram, made of transparent stuff with iridescent colors. The sphere was vibrating and seemed to have its independent “life”.

While the sphere came nearer, at its inner side she made out a young woman emanating Joy. At the center of her heart she had a glistening light, a little sun casting upwards through the center of the head, a light beam like a water jet. From there fell down numerous sparks of light, which, by falling down, brightened or dissolved the dark mass they encountered.

The woman thrust out the palms of her hands and little colored spheres emerged pouring out all around. Giulia had the impression that the woman was an Archetype as she mutated the form of her own taking over another time and time again.

After a while she saw the big sphere descend till the center of the young woman’s heart
converged with hers. She felt an impetus of intense Joy. At the same time this sensation was sweet, soft, quiet and expanded over and above her body like waves.

Initially Giulia thought it was an individual experience, a gift dedicated to her.

By hindsight, she understood that the gift had to be shared and began to do so.

Joygift is at disposal of mankind as a spiritual gift to fulfill a dream:

create a grid of Joy all around the earth:

Transmuting the Planet into a:

JoyNet - Planet Of Joy

A project of sharing, cooperation and voluntary service.

 JoyNet InternationalIf you want to have the gift folllow this video

Info su Giulia Jordan

Insegnante spirituale che unisce l'esperienza in campo psicologico con la Fisica quantistica e l'Advaita Vedanta. Ideatrice e Docente delle CostellAzioni della Gioia, keeper of Vision di JoyGift e Joy Way, insegna Psicologia relazionale e Psychealing. Ha pubblicato: Iniziazione alla Conoscenza di Sé, l’Illuminazione svelata, ed. Mediterranee, Le CostellAzioni della Gioia, un salto quantico dalla sofferenza … alla Gioia, ed. Youcanprint, numerosi articoli di carattere psicologico e spirituale. Canale You tube
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